Frequently Asked Questions


Wise is a toolkit to take your classes online and caters to all your online teaching needs at one place. We provide a platform that helps you to maintain the offline classroom sanctity even online and makes online teaching organised and fun.

What’s in there for you?

We understand online teaching is more than just live classes. We want you to have the peace of mind to focus on your craft while we take care of the rest
1. Interactive live sessions
2. Easy Classroom management
3. Auto Alerts
4. Student engagement

Does this app work on 2G?

Yes, Wise App is designed in such a way that it can be used even on low internet connectivity

Is there any limit on the number of students?

No, there is no limit on the number of students to add in a classroom but for the live classes there is a limit of 99 students and the class duration is 40 mins.

Can we extend the class duration?

Yes, Since we have integrated our classes with Zoom you can request us to make your account a zoom premium account at 20$ pm subscription. We don't take any commission out of this and the money is directly paid to zoom for upgrading your account.

Can a student see other student’s details?

No, A student can only see assignments and numbers of its own. No student can access the assignments of others in a class this feature is just available for teachers?

Do we have to share the classroom ID every time before the class starts?

No, once the classroom ID is shared, and your class is created all you have to do is push on the Go Live button, and an automatic notification will be sent to your students.

Is my data protected?

We follow the highest standards of data protection and will not sell teacher or student data to any third party agencies, ever.

If I or my student delete resources or assessments from the phone will it still be accessible?

As long as files are not deleted from the app they will remain on the cloud and you or your students can access them anytime.

. Is there a limit to the resources I can add to my class?

No. Currently, there is no limit. However, each file (resources, assessments or images) that you upload cannot exceed 5 mb.

How can I share a file (Video or document) greater than 5 mb with my students through WISE?

You can upload the file to your google drive and share the link of the same in the resources tab.

Will attendance data remain saved or do I need to download after every class?

Attendance data of all live classes will remain saved. You can choose to download it per your convenience.

Will newly added students have access to resources, assessments etc uploaded before their joining date?

Yes they can access all the data uploaded to the classroom since the classroom creation date. They will not be able to submit the assessments for which have an older submission date

Do students also need to install the WISE app?

Yes they do. After installing the WISE app they will send you the invitation to be able to join the classroom. Only then can they access all the resources and attend live classes.

Is there a limit to the number of students I can add to my class?

You can add as many students in your class. However, in a live class you may only have 99 students as that is the max limit in Zoom.

Can I take a live class outside the class timings mentioned?

Yes. Just click on “Go Live” whenever you want to start the class and the class will start. Students will get the notification as we.

Can students see each other's phone numbers?

No, they cannot.

Do I need to use the discussion tab for clarifying doubts during the live class?

No, you can use ZOOM’s inbuilt chat for that. Discussions on WISE are more helpful after/before the class.

Can teachers delete resources/ assessments/ discussions from the classroom?

Yes, a teacher has full control on editing or deleting the content in the classroom.

Can students delete resources/ assessments/ discussions from the classroom?

No, a student cannot delete any resources, assessments or submissions. They can only delete or edit the discussions they have created or the comments they have posted.

Can I access this using my laptop or PC?

Yes, both students and teachers can access all the features on their PC through our web interface at

Is WISE available on iOS for iPhones?

Yes the iOS version is under review by Apple. The iOS app should be live soon. It will have exactly the same functionalities.

Is there a demo video on how to use the app?

Yes, we have short demo videos in English and Hindi.

Can I buy a Zoom pro license for my account?

Yes, please contact us to buy a license on your behalf. The cost associated with buying a license will be borne by the user.

Can I import my personal Zoom pro account?

As of now we don’t support importing a Zoom account. We will soon launch the ability to import your current Zoom account to your Wise account.

Is it free to use?

Yes it is free to use for both teachers and students.

How do you plan to make money?

We offer value added services to organizations, schools and colleges who pay us a nominal amount for products such as Admin Panel, Resource Library, customer support etc. We are also looking to partner with philanthropic organizations who could sponsor institutions for these products.

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